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The Gulf coast of Florida is a popular tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world. Clearwater beach, St. Pete Beach, Indian Rocks Beach are some of the most popular beaches in the area. Conventional vehicles like cars are not allowed in the beaches, and walking to explore the beaches will take a lot of time. Bicycles are allowed, yet riding conventional bicycles for long distances will be extremely tiring. Hence many visitors to the Gulf coast are interested in finding Electronic Bikes For Rent at affordable rates, so that they can hire these bikes.

We at Napa Valley Ebikes offer electronic bikes( abbreviated as ebikes) for rent to Gulf coast visitors at affordable rates.

About Napa Valley Electric Bikes
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About Our Electronic Bikes For Rent

Our electric bikes are designed for use on different terrains like beaches and roads. The bikes can be used in five different modes, depending on the level of pedal assist required. If the user is feeling tired, he can use the throttle mode, with full electric power and if he wishes to exercise, he can use the pedal mode so that the battery will not get discharged.
They are designed to be used for a distance of 40 to 60 miles when fully charged. The maximum speed of the bike is twenty miles. For greater comfort, the bikes have fat tires which are four inches wide or more.

Electronic Bike Rides For Napa Valley Florida

Depending on the requirement of the customer he can rent the bike for different periods of time. The ebike should be rented for at least one hour, and the hourly rental is $30. The per hour rate decreases depending on the number of hours, for 4 hours, the rental is $75 and for the entire day, the rental is $95. If the visitor requires the ebike for 24 hours, the rent is $150 with $50 for each additional day. Weekly rental rates at $350 are the best deal, for visitors who are planning to use the ebike daily. Group discounts on four hour rentals are also available for groups who rent five or more ebikes at a time.

Each of the bikes is designed to carry a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Customers choose a suitable bike model based on their height. More people tend to hire the ebikes on weekends, so customers are advised to book their bike well in advance, so that they get the bike they want. With each ebike rented, the customer will get a helmet and bike lock. He will also be provided with a map of the area, he is planning to visit. The customer is expected to follow the traffic rules in the area he visits. There are bike lanes specified, and ebikes are also allowed on trails and beaches.

All visitors renting a bike should follow the safety guidelines. These include watching a video explaining how to use the bike safely. The ebike renter should also undergo a skill test to check whether he can ride the bike safely. If there is a flat tire or other damage to the bike, the customer will be charged for the repairs.

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